The Black Plague, By Emily Peters Essay

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I was in class pondering different topics and ideas to write about but none satisfied me. I turned my attention to the board where others were weighing their topics when in saw what gave me the idea. Emily Peters was writing about the dark ages and they made me think of one of the most memorable events of the dark ages. The Black Death killed thousands of people in European countries in the medieval time. It was such a horrifically memorable event in history a children 's song was wrote about it, Ring Around the Rosie.
What I Know The black plague started in mid evil times, better know as the dark ages. It was the deadliest plague to ever be documented in the history of the world. It was also the most widespread plague in the world, killing thousands of people all across Europe. The disease was carried by rats. More specifically the fleas on the rats. And infected rat would be bit by a flea and the flea would bite a person infecting them with the deadly illness. To keep it from spreading people would dig shallow pits and pile the dead in and cremate them.

What I want to know
I would like to learn how where the plague first originated. I want to know where the first death occurred. I want to know how is killed someone. I want to know the symptoms the sick would have from the time of infection to the time of death. I also want to know the way it spread from person to person. Why was it so contagious? The large number of people it killed is something else I 'm interested in.…

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