The Black Death And Its Effects On Europe Essay

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Nowadays, it is often thought that only war and a nuclear disaster could cripple a continent but that is not always the case. A terrible illness has the potential to create as much damage as a war or a large scale catastrophe. Amongst the Medieval Age in England, a ghastly plague overtook Europe and forever changed the lives of those living there. The plague that was later named the Black Death or the bubonic plague almost destroyed not just England but all of Europe. It greatly reduced the population by millions and left Europe in complete chaos. The epidemic altered the mindset of the world and the view on life. It was a horrible burden that Europe was forced to bear. The Black Death had a significant impact on Europe because of the effect it had on population, culture, and economy. The Black Death had such a notable effect on the population of Europe because of its origin. In 1309, poor weather conditions wiped out Europe’s harvest. An abnormal amount of rain ruined the lands. Another bad harvest in 1316, caused hunger through-out Europe from England to Italy. Flooding from the rain brought on the uprising of Dysentery, Typhoid, and Malaria. Europe was flooded and its people were sick and hungry. This caused an increase in the rodent population. The rats had to go to new places to find food, such as more populated areas. The plague infested fleas transmitted the disease to other rodent populations. The fleas also hitched a ride with foreigners, who were exploring the…

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