The Black Cat, By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe, known for his tales of mystery and horror, spent his life in poverty, misery, and ultimately as a failure. His loved ones were taken from him by tuberculosis, and his works of writing never gained any fame. As depression settled in, Poe turned to a life of alcoholism, and incorporated those struggles in his works of literature. Specifically, Poe’s experiences heavily influence “The Raven” and “The Black Cat” as he tries to warn others of the dangers of alcohol and depression through his use of animals. However, Poe’s works also differentiate through the relationship between the narrators and animals, as well as the narrator’s approach to dealing with pain. To begin with, in both “The Black Cat” and “The Raven”, the narrators are both lead to their demises as a result of animals coming into their lives. At the beginning of both works, the narrators are already, or are very close to, suffering. The narrator in “The Black Cat” is about to become an alcoholic, and the narrator in “The Raven” is overcome by “sorrow for the lost Lenore”, who had been his loved one prior to her death (Raven 10). When the animals come into their lives, both narrators gradually meet their downfall. In “The Black Cat”, for instance, the entrance of the first cat, Pluto, marks the onset of alcoholism for the narrator. The narrator then begins to abuse Pluto, and eventually kills it while under the influence. However, his spiral downwards is not over yet. The narrator takes in a…

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