The Birthmark By Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay

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Nathaniel Hawthorne is an author that creates stories hard to decipher because there is so much complexity and ambiguity. Nathaniel always made sure that his stories were also hard to reduce to a simple view of life. The individuals he wrote about “suffer from inner conflicts caused by sin, pride, untested innocence, hidden guilt, perverse secrecy, cold intellectuality, and isolation” (314). Nathaniel Hawthorne famous short story “The Birthmark” shows some of these aspects. The main character is named Aylmer has a beautiful young wife named Georgiana. The birthmark Georgiana possesses is a mark of horror from her husband. Aylmer wants to get rid of it and is persistent to perfect nature, which is the cause of Georgiana 's demise. The Main Dominant theme in the birth is the meaning of science, nature, and perfection.
The meaning of science in this story is that science can be dangerous by trying to use its knowledge to control or conquer nature by playing the role of god. Aylmer clearly demonstrates the ordinary scientists that tries to play god by trying to perfect nature, which is god itself. In this story, he uses his knowledge to perform dangerous techniques on his loved one because in Aylmer’s mind, he is chasing perfection. In the beginning of the story we do not know if Aylmer has that urge: the urge in man’s ultimate control over nature, but as the story plays out we see he has the urge. When feelings of disgust bubble up in Aylmer about the birthmark, Georinana…

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