The Big Bird Analysis

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The short film follows the themes of ‘instant karma’, ‘retribution’ and ‘bullying’ but as we see at the end of the film, the big bird has the last hurrah as we see at the end of the short film how the little birds are faced with instant comeuppance. However, since it’s an animated short film it is not so much the moral of the story that causes the impact but rather the technicalities that went into to telling the big bird’s story.
For the Birds is the story of, a bird that is different to the rest of the birds, an outsider. The creators also made the big bird seem very harmless and ignorant with the use of unbothered expressions and smiley attitude. The use of editing, in addition to the swift camera work throughout the short film add an entertainment
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At this point it is too late to go back on their actions and this shows the children how every action has a reaction and in this scenario the little birds were about to be launched into the sky for being evil hearted. And this is exactly what happens. This is where the story takes a turn and the negative is balanced with the positive as we see that all evildoers will get evil in return. This metaphor would sit heavy with the children as throughout the entire short film, the big bird was portrayed as nice and harmless and the empathy generated towards the entire film is rewarded at this point. When the sling launches the little birds into the sky, the big bird safely lands in a dimwitted smile and he is still happy and unbothered while the little birds frantically land on the ground beside him with no feathers and a hard thud sound. The irony in this scene is that when they realize they don’t have any feathers left, they hide behind the big bird. This is very significant as the intricately detailed feathers were the key definition between the birds, excluding the size, and now they had nothing to show for it. The animation team had to make the feathers incredible to emphasize the point at the

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