The Best Job Of Protecting Human Rights Essay

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"Australia has done a wonderful job of protecting human rights and it should be proud of its position on the world stage.” Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson, Feb 3 2015.

Analyse this statement with reference to at least two cases and one piece of legislation supporting your position. Be critical and analytical in your research and response.

Within society, human rights play a crucial role for individuals and the community to ensure that everyone, regardless of “distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion…” has a fair and just quality of life (Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948.) These fundamental and inalienable rights have been shaped from a history of adversity and discrimination such as war, as well as out-dated and antagonistic ideologies. Furthermore, within Australia, the track record and approach towards the sanctity of human rights has been constructive, but still faces many adverse issues, such as the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers, same-sex marriage, and the gap between people of non-indigenous and indigenous backgrounds. As Australia continues to confront these contemporary issues, there have also been instances where the legal system has succeeded in the fight for human rights both through the courts and also through the implementation of anti-vilification and discrimination Acts. Amongst the judicial and legislative powers, they set a precedent and law determining Australia’s stance on the protection of human…

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