The Bells By Edgar Allan Poe Analysis

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The Bells By Edgar Allan Poe is about four different types of bells in four different settings. He talks about these four types of bells and describes how the sounds of the bells make people feel. The start of the poem is very happy and childlike, and it progressively gets worse. I believe that this poem represents Poe’s life and how it developed.
In the first stanza, we experience a positive, light-hearted, almost childlike setting. These first bells are sleigh bells and Poe writes about how the bells twinkle in the light and uses words that give off a sense of innocence and joy. He writes about the sleigh bells and children typically enjoy sleighs and the merriment that is associated with riding a sleigh. I believe that this represents his
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He was the second child out of three and his parents were traveling actors. He was born in boston and at the young age of three, his parents died (Edgar Allan Poe Biography). He was adopted by John Allan and his wife Frances Valentine Allan. Mister Allan was a rich tobacco merchant who live in Richmond Virginia. Mister Allan spared no expense when it came to Poe’s education. Allan pushed Poe to be a businessman, but inspired by his childhood hero, Lord Byron, he wanted to become a writer. He would write poems on the back of Mister Allan’s ledgers as a child. By the age of thirteen, He had written enough poetry to publish an entire book of poetry. His headmaster heard about it and discouraged Allan from allowing …show more content…
He is my favorite poet and has been since I first read The Raven. I love how his poem are so twisted and warped. It’s dark and descriptive and to me, is captivating. I enjoy that his poems aren’t just mushy love poem. I picked The Bells because I really enjoyed how it started happy and turned into his typical sinister and dark writing style. This was my first time reading The Bells, but after finishing it the first time, I realized how it could easily be a representation of his life with Virginia. It made me love the poem even more. I typically don’t like poems that rhyme because I feel like it takes away from the actual poem itself. I always feel like the poet was too focused on the rhyme than the actual material and generally don’t enjoy poems that rhyme. I must admit that I loved the rhyme this time. It just Made it flow so beautifully and it gave it a perfect rhythm. Overall it was my favorite Edgar Allan Poe poem and I am very grateful for being able to research him and analyze his

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