The Beauty Within William Wordsworth ' Lines Essay

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The beauty within William Wordsworth poem, Lines, lies within the detailed description of the landscape. The poem opens with the speaker returning to a place he hasn 't seen for five years; creating a parallel with the title, Lines. An idea that mirrors time in the sense of moving forward, or in the right direction. The speaker allows himself to become embraced by his surroundings, observing the tranquility of his untamed surroundings. Wordsworth’s focus on nature is an underlying motif for the religious experience one has when alone in nature. The emphasis on the tranquility of seclusion surrounding the speaker brings to light the notion of growth and understanding of the fast paced life he lives, and how nature and tranquility allows himself to “see into the life of things”(line 49). Lines is a emotional journey to acquire the understanding that as you grow older, innocence is replaced by knowledge and insight. Wordsworth successfully shows that although the innocence he had five years prior is gone, he has gained an appreciation for the wondrous things nature has in store. The poem, Lines, is structurally remarkable, as it is composed as a blank verse. A blank verse is a poem which uses unrhymed lines in iambic pentameter. This makes the poem easily readable through it’s natural flowing format. However, even though there is a fluidity to the poem, the structure is orchestrated within a very tight construct with slight variational stresses of the iambic rhythms are…

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