The Beat Generation: The Countercultural Movement

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A counterculture is a sub-culture which corresponds an antithetical mode of thought, conduct and attitude in comparison to conventional societal norms and predominant cultural standards. A counterculture is intrinsically an alteration voicing the ideology and objective of a particular populace or cultural group. It’s a desire and pursuit to bring about a change in the cultural system when disappointed by the continuing, established cultural mentality. The critical mass plays an extensive role in following and approving the countercultural movement in order for the movement to bring out the desired outcome, if accepted, it provokes a powerful and a sudden change, encouraging the growth of the movement. However, the ramification and the response …show more content…
The Beat Generation, was an underground youth movement in New York, it also consisted of like-minded, non-conformist, creative authors whose literary work traversed and motivated the post-World War II American culture. It focused on renunciation of long-established values, inspection of diverse religions, pursuit of spiritual sense, elimination of materialism, sexual emancipation, and experimentation with psychedelic drugs. The Beat Generation, the countercultural movement was recognized a decade later as the ‘hippies’. The major affiliated characteristics of the hippies were long hair, peace signs and vivid colors. The style of living of the hippies was gravely different from those of the conventional lifestyle especially in regards with experimentation of drugs such as peyote, marijuana and LSD which altered their mood and consciousness and thus, inspiring and influencing their art and music. Sexual liberation also became an extrusive notability of this countercultural movement, leading to rationalization of premarital sex and homosexuality. Although it had a large-scale impact, the movement diminished by the early 1970’s.However, even today it’s prominent social virtues such as “live and let live” mindset is integrated into the lifestyle of the dominant

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