The Battle Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh Essays

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Human beings are prideful creatures by nature- some, more prideful than others. Pride is a great characteristic to carry throughout life, but when one becomes too prideful it is an almost detrimental trait. This is the case in The Epic of Gilgamesh. The protagonist, King Gilgamesh, pushes the boundaries of pride constantly throughout the epic. Gilgamesh is the prime example of pride as a human problem and the consequences behind it. Through King Gilgamesh, The Epic of Gilgamesh explores pride as human problem, and the consequences behind it in several ways.
The poet simply describing Gilgamesh and his physical attributes is the first site of pride as a problem in the epic. The poet shows the extent of Gilgamesh’s pride is in the beginning of the epic: He was perfection in height, Ideally handsome In the enclosure of Uruk he strode back and forth, Lording it like a wild bull, his head thrust high. (101)
Of course a king has a good amount pride, but because this comes so early, it shows how prominent Gilgamesh’s was. The poet repeating the lines about Gilgamesh’s strength and handsomeness also emphasize the amount of pride he has. One would think that a king that is two-thirds god and has all of these positive qualities would be respected, but Gilgamesh is not. The people of Uruk summoned Auru to create another being to counteract Gilgamesh, saying, “To his stormy heart, let that one be equal, / Let them contend with each other, that Uruk make have peace.”…

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