The Battle Of The Civil War Ended Essay

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After the Civil War ended, things were hard. People don’t know what to do. There lives had changed. This unhappiness moved over from there lives to the written page. Thusly the Southern Gothic is formed. From this, came the really good story called A Good man is Hard to Find. This story tells the story of a man and his family who are going to Florida, even though the grandma doesn’t want to; because of the criminal that escaped prison named the Misfit, who unsurprisingly plays a very important part in the story, because they meet him after they get in a car crash, which was caused by the grandmother who thought that this house she used to live in was up this dirt road, but she was wrong, which leads to the death of her and her entire family, all while she stayed stationery and did nothing to help them. This story is just an image of the Old South and how it must change with the times. One of the things that change are the ideas of what makes a good man and do they still exist? Nostalgia, religion, and personal bias/change of bias are themes that helps answer that question.
People didn’t want stuff to change once the Civil War ended. They were not happy when they lost their slaves and stuff. People were bitter that they lost the war and they wanted the old times back. That is a common theme throughout the story. People want the past back. This is talked a brunch about in A Good Man is Hard to Find. Sparknotes says “The grandmother, Red Sammy, and the Misfit’s nostalgia…

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