The Battle Of The Bulge Essay

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The Battle of the Bulge actually began in the year 1944 towards the end of July, but officially occurred December 16, 1944 through January 25, 1954. The battle was the biggest German Offensive they ever conducted. The battle took place in Belgium, France, and Europe. The United States suffered the highest amount casualties of the Allied Forces. The Germans lost so much that they were unable to replace them for a long time. This battle had multiple names such as the Battle of the Ardennes and Operation Watch on the Rhine. The Germans lost this war, but inflicted heavy casualties upon the Allied Forces. The Germans also took a heavy toll, one that almost completely eliminated there armed forces. The name Battle of the Bulge was created when American press agencies saw the map of the war front which showed allied lines bulging into enemy territory. The German army kept there planning secret limiting conversation about it across radio to a minimum. They also move majority of their equipment at night to avoid sighting’s from Allied aerial surveillance.
Hitler organized and orchestrated three operations that that precluded his main offensive. Operation Greif, Operation Wahrun, and Operation Unternehmen.
Operation Grief and Operation Wahrun were meant to cause a false flag among the allied forces. Hitler’s forces were to capture bridges over the Meuse River before the allied forces could destroy them. After capturing, Hitler’s men would wear the uniforms of the…

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