The Basics Of Living By Alice Walker Essay

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The Basics of Living In the short story “Everyday Uses” by Alice Walker she uses everyday objects or scenarios that people are faced with even in today’s society in her story. This story has everything in a nut shell , it mainly talks about cultural heritage ; however she also talks about race , tradition , family , education , and even how to stand up for one’s self . In this paper it will be shown how those 5 things can still be related in today’s society .Everybody has some experience or exposure to one of those themes. Race is one of society’s way of grouping humans into a large and distinct group according to their cultural, genetic, anatomical, historical, ethnic, religious, geographical, linguistic, and/or social association. Just like in the story, in today’s society many struggle to find themselves and to stay true to their heritage and race. The character Dee is the perfect example to show how someone can easily misinterpret what their idea of culture is. “Everyday Use” was published in 1973 in the time where race and culture was a big thing, and African-Americans didn’t really embrace their cultural side. Around this time the term “Negro” was change to

“black “in their vocabulary. Many blacks wanted to find out about their African Roots, or where they came from rather than their American heritage. In “Everyday Use,” Alice uses the characters Mama, Dee (Wangero), and Maggie to show how people think they know about their heritage when in fact they…

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