Essay on The Band, The Killers ' Song Analysis

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Readers can find that there is poetry in almost everything that they see during their day. From music to art, all poetry has similar aspects that make it what it is. Although many think that rhythm and rhyme make up most of a poem, poetic devices and symbolism are very important. The band, The Killers’ song “Dustland Fairytale” captures all of these vital characteristics of a poem. Another then the hip beat and catchy rhymes the song provides symbolism, personification, metaphors and imagery. Listening to it takes the listeners to a different time and place as the lead singer sings about someone looking back in the past. Almost all music has some form of poetry but this song covers all aspects of what poetry stands for.
The song opens with lines that capture the all of the listener’s senses. When listeners hear “Dustland Fairytale” they are taken to a dusty old town with not much there. The lead singer begins his story talking about a man who is “some kind of slick chrome American prince”, back in 1961. This gives the audience a look of someone who might be a hot shot in a small town, but would be just average in a big city. The hook of the song explains how the woman of the story was plain, didn’t need the glamorous life, and maybe she was religious, when The Killers say “saw Cinderella in a party dress, but she was looking for a nightgown”. The hook also shows that the relationship seemed like it wouldn’t work out from the beginning when it states, “I got money on a pawn…

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