Essay on The Awakening By Kate Chopin

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“The Awakening” by Kate Chopin is a novella about a married woman, Edna, who realizes that she is unsatisfied with her life. Chopin wrote this in a period where feminist ideas were just starting to appear, but it was still a world where women were expected to be married, be mothers, and stay in the home. Margo Culley writes her essay on the novella in a period where feminism in is its third wave; where women are focused on individual identity, diversity, and breaking stereotypes . Culley, a professor of American, woman, and ethnic studies, has written and collected many feminist pieces into anthologies. In her piece “Edna Pontellier: A Solitary Soul,” Culley highlights the solitude that Edna faces throughout the novella and how that solitude affects her development leading up to and at her suicide. Culley brings to light something that is not outright mentioned in the novella: Edna is repeatedly left alone by those closest to her. She says that Edna’s “solitude is underscored by the dramatic action of the novel as the significant persons in her life repeatedly leave her alone” (248). Her husband leaves her to go to work, her children leave her to visit their grandma, Robert leaves her to go to Mexico. She is alone when she is showing signs of wanting to be independent and rejecting her mother role. It seems as if they should be doing the opposite, as the idea of the time was that women should stay in the home, yet they could not function in society without their fathers or…

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