The Aslakson V. Home Saving Association Case Essay examples

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The Aslakson v. Home Saving Association case was very interesting. The Aslakson family joined into a conditional sales contract in order to buy a mobile home. A conditional sales contract is a when an individual signs a contract which allows the individuals to take the property, in this case a mobile home, but will not receive the title until the buyer receive the full purchase amount. Four years after signing the sales contract the Aslaksons decided to join into a purchase agreement, which allows them to sell the mobile home they are purchasing. In order to enter into the purchase agreement, the applicants had to go through the Upper Northwest Payment Plan, UNPP, and pass their credit check. The first applicant was denied due to their credit history. The second applicant declined the purchase. The third applicant was successful and entered into the purchase agreement. The Alsakson later started a lawsuit against the Home Saving Association because they argued that theatrical court erred in determining, as a matter of law, that their claims of wrongful interference with contracts were invalid. The lawsuit took place in Minnesota Supreme Court. The informs us that the issue within this case is figuring out did the trial court err in determining, as a matter of law, that appellants ' claims of respondents ' wrongful interference with contracts were invalid. After reviewing the case you will discover that there was no valid contract between…

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