The Artistic Movements Of Modernism And Postmodernism Essay

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The artistic movements of modernism and postmodernism had a major influence on American culture and society. This is evident in the modernist painting of Alfred Henry Maurer, as well as in the postmodernist art of Norman Rockwell. The poetry of Langston Hughes during the modernist era during the early twentieth century also had a major impact on American Culture through the revival of art in the Harlem Renaissance. Likewise, Richard Brautigan’s postmodernist approach to poetry was significant as well. What most exemplified the modernist era were the tragic stories and novels written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Bret Easton Elis brought out the themes of postmodernist art in his novels as well. All of these artists embody all that these artistic movements have to offer. There are several defining qualities and characteristics of modernism. There is some speculation as to when modernism began. Some have said that it started at the turn of the twentieth century, and that it ended during the 1930s but it is widely agreed by critics that the era is illustrated prominently in Ulysses by James Joyce, and The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot, both which were published in 1922 (Werlock). Modernism is also said to be the name used as the model for presenting written works that put on display the many aspects of culture during the early twentieth century (Werlock). In other words, this form of writing showed the cultural crisis of the twentieth century, which includes the events…

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