The Art Of The Black Museum Movement Essay

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Andrea Burns book From Store Front to Monument: Tracing the Public History of the Black Museum Movement is a fascinating interpretation of the development of the African- American Museums. Her argument that in order to understand the development of African- American Museums it is important to first look at where these museums were built and the goals in which the embodied; “Understanding the origins of this evolution helps us contextualize and historicize black public history, from its modest but courageous beginnings to its present-day manifestation as a bold and highly visible movement”. Burn’s argument can be seen in every chapter and every museum that she chooses to present. Burns book is broken down into six chapters and each of those chapters focuses on a few key museums that helped develop the African-American Museum Movement. The museums of focuses are the DuSable Museum of African American in Chicago, African American Museum of Philadelphia, Anacostia Neighborhood Museum in Washington, and the Afro-American Museum in Detroit. She chooses to organize her book around these four museums because they all located in large metropolis areas that demonstrated great change in areas such as the Black Power Movement, housing storage, economical, and policing. They also showed that in the cities they were located had an increase in African American population as well as an increase in Political offices.
Burns creates her book around six key historical factors that…

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