Essay about The Art Of Poetry By William Shakespeare

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The art of poetry is a vast discipline in which the creations of the poets take on a multitude of different forms. Not only are there a large number of poetic structures that an author can choose from, there are also many parts within those structures that can be modified to lead to an even more diverse array of final products. The author has a great many choice when it comes to choosing the structure of their poem, they can vary the number of lines per stanza, the length of each line, and the number of syllables per line. Other variations the poet can make include content changes such as choosing to use rhyming words, repeated sounds like alliteration, and figurative devices such as personification. Even in poetry forms with strict guidelines, like villanelles or Shakespearean sonnets, the poet can still chose to ignore some of the guidelines. These liberties that poets have when they are creating their works have resulted in an incredibly diverse body of work by many great poets.
The poem, “$4.99 All You Can Eat Sunday Brunch,” by Victoria Chang utilizes a number of these poetic elements throughout its course. In writing this poem, the author chose not to conform to any of the more stringent poetry styles and instead opted for the free-verse poetry form in which there are no set guidelines regarding stanza breaks, rhythm, or rhyme schemes. Structurally, this poem is constructed of ten open couplets in which sentences are regularly enjambed, however, the enjambment does…

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