The Arab Spring Essay

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The “Arab Spring” was a wave of political action which emerged across the Middle East and North Africa in 2011, beginning with the Tunisian Revolution that took place in January of that year. The Arab Spring saw mass protests and/or the toppling of regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, Jordan and more. At that time, many people felt that these protests and regime changes could have signified a new era of democratization in the region. However, whether or not that is truly the case is highly debatable. In order to determine how successful these movements will ultimately be in bringing Democracy to the region once and for all, the requisites for Democracy must first be established and understood. Then, the regimes of the states in question must be examined in order to determine how many of these requisites are present in each one, and to what extent their presence (or absence) will help or hurt their hopes for democracy. As far as the prerequisites for Democracy go, there are seven criteria which can be used to determine how ready these Arab states are for the establishment of Democracy. First, those individuals who hold the highest public offices in the land must be chosen through a process of free and fair elections. (Kesselman et al. 2013, 26) These elections must follow established procedures that guarantee the rights of candidates to compete fairly, as well as the rights of all citizens to place their votes for the candidate of their choice. The…

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