Essay on The Arab : Israeli War

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The Arab – Israeli war was not only initiated by the Jews and the Arabs, but also the British that mandated Palestine for years. Rather than resolving the issue at hand the British decided to hand the issue over to United Nations, who had little to no clue about much of the issue. The United Nations viewing it as just any territorial dispute decided to resolve the issue, which rather than solving the issue caused a massive war and massacres. The Arab – Israeli conflict is not as difficult of an issue as it seems, it is rather simple.
A conflict between countries initiate with one country not being able to tolerate another country or one country being resentful about another country having land that they originally wanted. We illustrate this in our everyday lives. For an example, if two friends go to the mall and spot something they both like but only one of that item is available, the way they resolve the scenario is that the person who has the ability to buy it at that time would buy it. This creates a conflict between the two friends because the other friend may feel bitter when he/she sees the other with the item. The same theory is used when two countries are in conflict with each other, however, when a conflict takes place between countries one may and most likely would want the other one dead or destroyed. Just like that conflict between the Arabs and the Israelis started.
During the late eighteen hundreds, there was a movement going on in Europe called the political…

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