The Anthropological Approach and Its Unique Perspective Can Contribute to the Search for Solutions to Contemporary Human Problems”

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“The anthropological approach and its unique perspective can contribute to the search for solutions to contemporary human problems”
-With reference to Globalization-
Anthropology refers to the study of humanity. Anthropologists do not discriminate against culture, gender or race but study all societies and are concerned with the totality of human existence. Ethnography is often seen as the hallmark of anthropology and it consists of fieldwork, which is used to acquire the information and insights needed to understand different societies ways of life. Fieldwork entails going to live with or close to the people being studied in order to gain firsthand experience about their lives and the problems they have to deal with.
There are three
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It contributes to an increased flow of goods, images and information across the globe, regardless of national and cultural borders. Five types of cultural flows exist: the flow of People (e.g. tourists, refugees and immigrants), Technology (e.g. machinery, electronic and production plants), Finance (e.g. money in currency markets and stock exchanges), Media (e.g. newspapers, television, film and magazines) and lastly Ideologies (e.g. democracy, freedom, welfare and human rights). We can therefore see that the whole process is causing the entire world to become increasingly independent so as to yield a ‘single place’.
Globalization has negative and positive impacts on society. The advantages on the economy are substantial. Countries can invest in one another, loan money and develop trade with each other. Businesses can open and sell their goods in new foreign markets and the more goods that are sold, the more jobs are created.
The movement of freedom and democracy is another one of the advantages of globalization. The process brings with it the knowledge that all humans share the earth with each other and therefore creates a better understanding of cooperation and peace, as well as the acceptance and of the diversity of cultures and beliefs that exist around us.
Globalization also makes travel easier and allows resources to reach

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