The And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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The current event article that I have chosen for this assignment has to do with the Criminal Justice System in our society. The problems that it has caused over the years with people that happens to not be a part of the majority. The Criminal Justice System is something that needs to be looked at. From the statics that were found if left unchecked it could cause a really unfair economic growth balance that is not the American dream everyone is hoping for. Also the Policies and Welfare reform the NASW want to help tackle on this issue, so that they can better help their client in that field of Social Work. Trying to have the same rights as everyone else even though the client happened to be a convicted felon. The Atlantic news article was the resource that I used for the topic of discussion which is primary on the Criminal Justice system. Its main focus was that “America’s criminal justice system has workings against a disproportionate number of African Americans” (Atlantic, 2015). Majority of the article follows, and use quotes from Ta-Nehisi Coates. He gives his insight on how the criminal justice system is plaguing the minorities. One of his quotes that Coates (2015) said was “America’s bloated and enormously expensive depends on imprisonment has created a social service program for a whole class of people. Criminal Justice system is one sided where the 1% benefit off the misfortune of others. “Mass incarceration is a problem no one wants talk about it especially white…

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