Essay on The And Single Parent Family

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The oldest institution in the world is family. Individually and collectively these institutions should possess a stable structure aiding individual character in a way that transparency is normal and the impact is supernatural. The family structure is the wheel that drives the society. In the American society, many family structures coincide. Although many family structures exist, the families that are the most common are the nuclear and single-parent families. The nuclear or two parent family consist of married adults (male/female) with biological or adopted offspring. One the other hand, the single parent family may consist of a parent not living with a partner with biological or adopted offspring. The hypothesis is that children fare better in a nuclear family than single parent family. Heather described her family as an old bunch, our clan. Her Grandparents were products of at the Depression and had and unbelievable work ethic matched with a strong sense of humor. They believed that you could be anything you wanted but hard work was the only way to get there. They passed down a strong sense of self will and traits to Heather generation. They all picked themselves up by their bootstraps and when they made mistakes, they picked themselves up again. They suffered. They fought back. They came from hearty stock (Wilson 2013). Heather traced her family legacy and origin back to her grandparents. The source of any beginning has an origin. According to History,…

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