The And Of The Coin Are Cats Essay

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Dogs are often called man’s best friend, and you would be hard pressed to find any person who would admit to not liking dogs. On the other side of the coin are cats. There is a stigma that emerges when men and cats are together. Many of the guys I know, myself included, live in a household with a cat in it. This often results in the awkward situation of what to do when the cat comes up to you; if it had been a dog there’s no question in what I would have done, but when it is a cat, your masculinity is in question. Both teenagers and adults alike may spend hours trying to decide if one thing or action is “masculine” or “feminine.” Looking back at history the terms are bubbles of a Venn diagram floating around on a dart board. Definitions that are difficult to pin down at any one time with an unknowable amount of overlap. A short explanation of masculinity is given by Oxford Dictionary, “denoting male persons” (Aarts). While not a very detailed definition, it shows how fluid masculinity can be throughout time. In present times masculinity has been associated with aggressiveness and strength. Men are expected to complete tasks of strength or at least do something aggressively. This is what would make it hard for men to do thing considered such as pet cats. One of the largest indicators of masculinity may not be actions of strength and aggressiveness but physical appearance. Although a man could be very strong and muscular, his masculinity could come into question if…

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