The And Modern Social Barriers Essay

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Zootopia and Modern Social Barriers The name “Zootopia” itself is a metaphor—a combination of “zoo” and “utopia”, which represents Zootopia is a melting pot where animals from every environment live together. This implies America as a place where achieves an utopian racial integration. But the problems is, in nature foxes and bunnies are incompatible; lions, leopards and eagles are inborn predators; evolution is survival of the fittest, nature red in tooth and claw. If a bonny like Judy in Zootopia get close to a fox, understandably, it will be eaten. Even in a melting pot like Zootopia, obsession of hierarchy still exist. Prey class in Zootopia despise or afraid of predators. For example, when fox Nick tells Judy why he experienced bullying at school, he says “because, by god, I was gonna fit in. Even if I was the only predator in the troop, the only fox”. There is a there is a tacit assumption that predators commit crimes because of their DNA, like Judy tells journalist in the press conference: “Sir, it may be time to consider their biology.” Here, Zootopia uses an animal world as a vehicle to metaphorize an ideal imagination of human society, thus draw the further discussion to modern social barriers. In America, racial tensions are difficult to reconcile and are still ripping apart in nowadays. No mater how people praise racial equality, incidence of crime in black communities are still the highest; schools that have more black students has less advanced equipment and…

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