The And Degradation Of The Western World Essay

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The world is advancing very rapidly towards an unknown end. States strive for power while others seek to maintain it, horrible acts against the rights of individuals begs action against them, poverty remains a pertinent issue in the world, the acts of terrorism against the western world seek to bring destabilization (Kelleher, 172), and the degradation of the environment issues much concern among the peoples of the world. However, amongst the many issues of the world, potential solutions remain well within the grasp of the world if it’s people and states were to strive to take the necessary steps to obtain a more just and civilized society. Firstly, states would need to have their power removed and replaced with a global society (Kelleher, 49) in order to remove the anarchy caused by state sovereignty. Secondly, once this single society is obtained its leaders would set the example for human rights and would have the power to maintain those rights. Thirdly, poverty would be eliminated through democratic socialism, basic human needs would be met by the central government while all others would rest within the private sector (Riemer, 415), creating equal opportunities for all. Next, the threat of terror would be removed due to the fact that the world would function as a single government and any threat of terror could be abolished through collective security, the banding together of all to maintain international peace and law (Riemer, 323). And finally, the degradation of the…

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