The And Border Crossing By Pat Barker Essay

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Abdu Lounici
Mr. Grant
Friday December 11 2015

Lending Hand

In life, many people commit actions which they later regret down the road, and in turn try changing their morals or lifestyles to compensate for their poor decision making. The novels Regeneration and Border Crossing written by Pat Barker both show that very different problems can have the same solution. In this case, Tom Seymour a child psychiatrist from the novel Border Crossing who is playing a very relatable role to that of Dr. Rivers the psychologist at the war hospital from Regeneration. Danny, a character out of Border Crossing is a young man convicted of murder as a child a decade in the past, who tries to bring an end to his miseries and to his instability by a combination of overdosing on substances and an attempt to drown himself. In both novels, both mental health professionals Tom Seymour and Dr. Rivers are faced with the task of rehabilitating their damaged patients and help them find redemption by getting the patient back on track, however, in some cases this is not possible due to the extent of the damage caused mentally. In some instances, mental corruption is permanent and can’t be corrected, however in good circumstances, the effects of it can be suppressed. First of all, the lives that the characters lead in the two novels are what allows them to fall into a corrupted state. Danny can also be represented by the damaged soldiers in Regeneration. In Regeneration, the soldiers came…

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