The Ancient Greeks And Romans Essays

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The ancient Greeks and Romans were the ones who developed philosophy as we now know it. This type of knowledge came from what can only be called normal human curiosity. People looked around at the world and wondered how it came to be, who made it, why are humans able to reason and think when other animals are not and a whole bunch of other questions. To form the answers, people like Socrates, Aristotle, and Pythagoras thought long and hard about these questions and came up with philosophy. That probably helped the people of their time come to some conclusions about life, the world and the other things they wondered about. However, once those problems were solved, humans came up with more and that is why philosophy is still a useful method of understanding the world.

Ancient people often wondered what made a human being different from other animals. They also wondered how to be happy, and even what true happiness actually was. They also thought about why humans were here and even why the world existed. The Greek philosophers looked at these questions using the science of the day, which we now call philosophy. According to Cristian Violatti of the Ancient History Encyclopedia, philosophers each had their own interesting and unique ways of going about practicing their philosophy too. For instance, Pythagoras was considered a fake and not very wise because the thought that humans might be reincarnated. Socrates liked to stand around on the street corners half-clothed and go…

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