The American Revolution Essay

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The build up to the American Revolution was a very slow spiraling process. However, after the Stamp Act the spiral was propelled at a much faster rate. Not only was the idea of revolution advanced, changes in national ideology were alerted along with more violent methods boycotting and rioting, eventually leading to full blown warfare. While new acts and regulations were introduced by Parliament, local populations along with national populations were unified by polices that were modular amongst all colonies. It is critical to highlight the main events that took place after the Stamp Act. The first event, and the event that turned the colonies toward independence was the Stamp Act Congress. The Stamp Act Congress brought together nine of the thirteen colonies in a discussion regarding how to repeal the Stamp Act. This was in direct response to Parliament ignoring the feedback collected from all thirteen colonies, in which all thirteen colonies wished to repeal the Act. In terms of impact, it was the fun time such a large portion of the colonies worked together to solve a common issue. This was a major step forward since prior to the Stamp Act, many colonies believed in a sort of isolationism with fellow colonies. This in turn, is why the Stamp Act Congress was the starting point of the Revolution, it united a congress of the colonies to solve a common goal, thus planting the idea a “nation” into the minds of elites and commoners alike. Furthering on why the Stamp Act…

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