The American Revolution And The United States Of America Essay

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The American Revolution marked the birth of the United States of America, but the historical events that lead to it are incredibly valuable to the true understanding of how it happened. Discovering how different factors had an affect on the actions and responses from both the English Empire and the American Colonies will show a closer connection of events. Political, social, and economic are the most significant factors in the reasoning behind what caused the American Revolution.
It would’ve taken extremely capable political leadership and organization to complete the plans that the British government had begun to envision with the realization of the great potentials colonization of America had for the benefit of the English empire.“Thereafter, as the fledglings grew strong enough to think of using their own wings, distance and British political inefficiency combined to allow them a great deal of freedom. Although royal representatives in America tried to direct policy, the Crown generally yielded the initiative in local matters to the colonies, while reserving the right to veto actions it deemed to be against the national interest.”(Carnes-Garraty, Pg. 82). Colonists heavily relied upon the guidance and assistance of the mother country during the origins of the new civilization, they were loyal to the crown and from their perspective, were no less British citizens than those who still resided in England. Leadership in England saw it to be more efficient to look over the…

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