The American Revolution And The French Revolution Essay

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The beautful, exotic, South American countries we know to day were not the same as they are today. They were manipulated under the control of Spain. These countries of Latin America desired their independence, but they were silently wondering how to escape Spain, however they did not have to wait for long. There were external events that had a particularily strong impact on political thought in Latin America. The American Revolution, The French Revolution, the slave rebellions in Hati, and the confused Iberian political situation caused by the French Revolution. However arguably the most influential to Latin America was The American Revolution and The French Revolution, however it is possible that the American Revolution may have been more inspirational. The American and French revolution inspired the Independence Movement in South America, allowed key leaders and documents to inspire them, their certain challenges, and there were simliarities and differences between the two revoltions. Initially, the American Revolution inspired the Independece Movenment in Central and South America drasticallly. The American Revolution, from 1775 to 1783, provided a model of how colonies could break with the mother country. The inhabitants of North and Spanish America were deeply aware of the similaties between their revolutions. This made the US feel as if they contributed because they were being imitated. Latin America was inspired by how these countries defiantly stood up to the…

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