The American Revolution And Its Effect On World History Essay

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The American Revolution What is a revolution? How does a society initiate a revolt? A revolution is a sudden, extreme, or complete alteration in the way people live ( When a group revolts, it’s an attempt to end the rule of a government and construct a new one. Revolutions are meant to leave a lasting effect on world history. One revolution that goes beyond the boundaries of significance was the American Revolution. The American Revolution for independence was a turning point in world history based off what it accomplished and the effect it had on multiple countries following the revolution. The American Revolution was a movement part of what’s referred to as the “early modern period.” During this time period, national governments were developing and becoming stronger than ever before. Countries were also becoming entirely more competitive with one another. The developing national governments began raising taxes and demanding more resources from its people. The American Revolution involved the British and thirteen American colonies. It was a war fought from 1775 to 1783. The fighting between these two countries occurred throughout the thirteen colonies. Due to high demands of British parliament, its colonies rejected their monarchy and aristocracy and demanded more rights. Tensions rose between Britain and its colonies as a result of Seven Years War, which was fought between Britain and France. “Once the war ended, relations between Britain and…

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