Essay The American Forest Foundation ( Aff )

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Humans - we’re constantly moving and experiencing life with little regard for the consequences our actions have on things that we think do not affect us. We are so engaged with the social and anthropocentric aspects of this world that we often forget, ignore, and neglect nonhuman things and processes. However, most of these nonhuman entitities, such as nature, are a part of us as much as we are a part of it. Nature is not separate from humans and the two are vitally interconnected. Many individuals are unaware of the human impact we have on the environment, corresponding to many people abusing and misusing nature, which is essential for our survival and livelihood. The American Forest Foundation (AFF) is in a pursuit to change this typical mindset of many people, reverse the loss of America’s woodlands, and spread environmental education and awareness. Specifically, “The American Forest Foundation works-on-the-ground with families, teachers, and elected officials to promote stewardship and protect our nation’s forest heritage” (American Forest Foundation :: What We Do). Although this foundation has been internationally recognized and certified for decades, there are a both flaws and advantages within the foundation that can and should be adressed through multiple environmental lenses and approaches.
In regards to the environmental ethics approach, AFF encourages us to take the moral responsibility to care for and protect our nation’s forests while also viewing forest…

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