Essay on The American Dream

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When one thinks about the United States, the trademark slogan: “The Land of Opportunity” instantly comes to mind. This phrase defines the ‘American Dream’ as the notion that anyone, regardless of his or her background and place of origin can attain success once in the US. This interpretation of the American Dream can be seen as both positive and inspirational, since many have worked hard to achieve the goals they would otherwise never reach. However, early successes within the US paired with the growing influence of American popularity have helped taint the universal definition of the American Dream. Since many around the world have faith in this dream, many are also blindsided by its shortcoming; only a select few can truly achieve the concocted American Dream. Hopefuls may find their paths blocked by obstacles such as a lack of opportunity, ignorance and naiveté influenced by the media, and a low quality of education. It is therefore important to remember that the person can only measure a person’s success in question. That being said, the “American Dream” should be defined as becoming self-content with one’s achievements. The United States offers an infinite amount of possibility for foreigners and young children. The likeliest outcome for immigrants, though, is to fall either into the middle or the lower class. Only the truly elite minds or the individuals born into wealthy families can live out the exclusive definition of the “American Dream”. Though, even some of the…

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