Essay On Willy Loman's American Dream In Death Of A Salesman

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The Death of a Salesman, is about a well-rounded and thriving salesman who is idolized by his family and friends named Willy Loman. Throughout the story Willy is struggling with an identity crisis and his family is suffering the consequences. After being fired he has no hope for the future and believed his image as a success is shattered. He enters a downward spiral in which he cannot accept his present and feels he has no future, except as a cashed-in life insurance policy. This causes him to believe that killing himself is the only option.

Willy's American Dream is to be liked and rich and believes personality is the way to success. His eldest son Biff however, is stuck in between two dreams his fathers and his own. He wants to be involved with nature, the great outdoors, and working with his hands. While his father's dream consists of world of business, sales, and capitalism.

Though Willy's dream never pans out he still pushes it on his sons Biff and Happy. Since Willy was constantly abandoned, by both his father and his brother at very young age. Willy has no reference to look up to, he is somewhat left to figure things out on his own. Willy set a goal in his life to be popular and rich but he never amounted to it, therefore he considers himself as a failure. The fact that Willy already thinks he's a failure when he gets fired and has an affair
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Willy tries to solve his dilemmas with endless attempts of him trying to kill himself. After finally achieving Biff realizes he was wrong that the American Dream is not to be liked but to do what you like for only

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