The Amazing Work We Know Today As By William Shakespeare Essay

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The amazing work we know today as, Hamlet by William Shakespeare came about during the Renaissance period. The Renaissance period lasted from 1300 to 1660. During the 13th through the 17th century when Europe was undergoing a “rebirth” of people and thinking as well as spawned a new era of scholarly inquiry (Greenblatt 32). There are various other writers other than Shakespeare who prevailed during this Renaissance period. People such as Thomas More, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Petrarch. Some major works during the movement are familiar names and paintings we know and cherish today such as “The Last Supper” (Da Vinci), “The Mona Lisa” (Da Vinci) and “Utopia” (Thomas More). The major themes that played a key role in literature at that time were Humanism, Secularism, Individualism, Rationalism, and Virtu. Using the primary source of Hamlet in the literary textbook, a conclusion has been reached that the story of Hamlet possesses the theme of humanism. Reason being is because of the time period that it was written which was in 1601 Europe was still under the regime of the Renaissance movement, which encouraged renewed applied interest in study and applications otherwise known as the “rebirth”. Throughout reading Hamlet in the literary textbook in class and during study time, one can come to find several examples of not only humanism but several echoes of the other four major themes that were prevalent at that time. Each of those themes presents themselves at one time or another…

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