The Album Buena Vista Social Club Essay

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This essay will discuss and analyse how far the album Buena Vista Social Club can be considered a great work, paying particular attention to the music on the album, the recording process and the impact and reactions of the Cuban public.

In the year of 1997 the album BVSC was released and managed to sell 8 million copies. The album was produced by popular guitarist and film score composer Ry Cooder and featured 20 musicians. Ry Cooder had met Nick Gold, the world music producer who worked for World Circuit Records in 1996. Both Ry Cooder and Nick Gold had shared an interest in Malian and Cuban music. and as a result they both planned to record an album which featured both Malian and Cuban musicians, two musicians were invited to Cuba to play on this planned album. The two musicians were guitarist Djelimady Tounkara and Ngoni virtuoso Bassekou Kouyate. The musician Juan de Marcos Gonzalez from the band Sierra Maestra also joined Nick Gold and Ry Cooder for the recording of this album. While waiting in the studio, the Malian musicians do not attend the studio session due to visa problems while Djelimady Tounkara, was offered a bar of gold by Malian multi-millionaire Babani Sissoko. After Ry Cooder and Nick Gold realised that the Malian musicians would not be showing up , Nick Gold suggests a that a recording project that would involve various veteran Cuban musicians, This included artists such as veteran sonero artist Ibrahim Ferrer, who was retired at the time, pianist…

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