Essay on The Agency And The Criminal Justice System

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The agency method consist of going to the courts and the criminal justice system in New Orleans. This is to have data on who is an offender that this program can help. Once, data is retrieved this program will leave cards and information at the courts and bail bonds facilities. This is how, this program is going to reach teens and youth in the criminal justice system. This agency will go over and beyond to provide what is need to help curb this problem. Our problem will be met in more than one, no teen will be left to fend for his or herself because of the commitment and willingness this program will bring. The activities will include prayer hour, teaching and learning sessions, computer skill training, empowerment speakers, and a once a week visit with the social workers on duty. Our daily itinerary is to have classes, provide a hot lunch and to have free time to read or practice on the computers.
Furthermore, within this program the activity log will consist of tools that will be used from a problem-solution perspective. These tools will be used to help in different methods of working through their problems. These activities will take place on Monday’s Wednesday’s and Friday’s for one hour. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s will focus around counseling. Lunch will be held Monday through Friday from twelve to one. There will also be free time that will one for one hour, Monday through Friday. However, the staff will consist of one supervisor, two case managers, one psychiatrist…

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