The African American Culture Has Been Slandered And Ignored Essay

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The African-American culture has been slandered and ignored. We have become something less than what we should be. The film that snagged many awards and nominations created a colorful picture for audiences that wanted to absorb the brutal history of the past. ‘12 Years A Slave’ was a closed book meant to be opened. The gender roles are not surprising. Solomon was a masculine man with powerful qualities. When he was a free man, he was a husband and successful guy with children. When he was drugged and dragged into slavery, he felt as if his power was gone. He wasn’t the man of the household anymore, and that made him do anything to survive. Many of the men wanted to return home; they wanted to see their kids and spouses again. Northup worked as a driver, a hauler, and a cotton picker. These long extensive hours were inhumane. “For black men and women, slavery was an equally devastating experience. Both were torn from homeland and family. Both were forced to perform grueling labor, subjected to mental and physical degradation, and denied their most basic rights. Enslaved men and women were beaten mercilessly, separated from loved ones arbitrarily, and, regardless of sex, treated as property in the eyes of the law.” (Hallam, 2004). Black female slaves were able to rely on themselves while the slave owner’s wives were relying on their husbands. Their husbands were then relying on slaves. It was all a business, and women were the center of slavery. Women would do the same work…

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