The Adventures Of Setna And Si Osire ( Setna II ) Essay

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While it is difficult to precisely date “The Adventures of Setna and Si-Osire (Setna II),” this copy appears to have been produced in the mid First Century CE, during the reign of the Emperor Claudius. This historical context provides a deeper layer of meaning and a degree of explanation as to some aspects of the narrative. Though this text was likely written in the first Century AD, shortly after the Roman annexation of Egypt (470), the narrative takes place over 1,200 years earlier, during the reign of Ramesses II. In many ways, the fact that the story was set in a previous era should not be surprising. In fact, it echoes a paradigm of recalling the past during times of instability, which had been present throughout Egyptian history. It is not difficult to see how this period, shortly after the absorption of Egypt into the Roman Empire could be seen as a time of change and instability. The Roman Empire was not the first foreign power to take control of Egypt. Over the past millennium, the country had been ruled by the Nubians, the Neo-Assyrians, the Persians, and the Macedonians. Though the establishment of the Ptolemaic dynasty once again provided Egypt with a brief period of unification and independence, the nation’s relative power had been greatly reduced as compared to the New Kingdom. Beyond jus the political changes, Egypt was also facing sweeping cultural changes. Though Egypt had always been in contact with other societies and had engaged in cultural exchange,…

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