Essay on The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain

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The archetypal hero can appear in many forms. They can have brains or brawn. They could be young or old. In the fictional novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Jim is a hero in his own way by being a father figure to Huck by helping him learn and grow along with keeping Huck safe. Huck is not much of a hero when he and Jim first run into each other on Jackson’s Island. Huck starts off brainwashed thinking that all slaves are not people, that they have no feelings, and he can treat them however he wants. The reader sees that Huck and jim are not much use alone. “Oh yes, you got a gun. Dat’s good. Now you kill sumfn en I’ll make up the fire.” (Twain, 56). Jim and Huck start off together for the convenience. Together they have the skills to survive. Jim and Huck know from the beginning that they will be okay if they stick together. They start off with differences in their opinions. Huck thinks it is perfectly okay for him to run away, but not for Jim. “‘Well I b’lieve you, Huck. I-I run off!’ ‘Jim!’” (Twain, 57). Both Huck and Jim have perfectly reasonable excuses for running away. Jim 's owner was selling him, ultimately separating him from his family. Huck is running away because his dad kidnapped him and is abusing him. Huck thinks that since he is free his running away is justified. Jim is one of the first people to care about Huck. “It’s a dead man.Yes indeedy/… Come in Huck but doan look at his face- it’s too gashly.” (Twain, 67).. Later on in the…

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