The Adventure Of The Speckled Band Essay

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Undoubtedly, Sherlock Holmes was not guilty for killing Dr. Roylott! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” developed Dr. Roylott into a cruel character, who later died from his own crime that Sherlock Holmes attempted to solve. Nevertheless, Sherlock Holmes was unequivocally not culpable for Dr. Roylott’s death! Sherlock Holmes found several pieces of evidence to make a logical prediction. Predictions are not always accurate; he did not know all the facts of the situation. Dr. Roylott was foolish for not thinking about the adverse consequences that could happen when using a dangerous snake. Sherlock Holmes was ultimately trying to protect himself, Dr. Watson, and Helen Stoner from the inexorable case. Although Sherlock Holmes obtained several clues to construct a prediction, he was not definite on the results of what would happen. Sherlock Holmes discovered valuable clues to the mystery in order to make an educated conjecture; however, he did not know all the factual details. When Sherlock Holmes examined the bedroom Julia had died in, he found useful information. There was a fraudulent bell rope, a ventilator that led to Dr. Roylott’s room, and the bed was clamped to the floor. While inspecting Dr. Roylott’s chamber, Sherlock Holmes detected a metal safe, a bowl of milk, a worn out chair that seemed to be stood on frequently, and a dog leash with a slim loop around the front. He was informed by Helen that gypsies were occupied at the residence.…

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