The Actions Of The Famous Christopher Columbus Or Amerdigo Vespucci

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When one considers the actions of the famous Christopher Columbus or Amerdigo Vespucci, one is normally opted to recall one or both of them as the man who discovered the United States of America. However, as history clearly shows, this is not the case for either one of these famous explorers; the lands that would become the United States had been discovered and inhabited long before either of their voyages. The Native Americans, ironically misbranded as Indians by Columbus, can trace their history of this land back much further than the colonists are able. It is no surprise, therefore, that the Native Americans are a popular subject among colonial authors. Three authors who write extensively concerning these original settlers of American Land are Benjamin Franklin, William Bradford, and Mary Rowlandson. Although these three writers have similar lives from which they speak, their individual experiences cause them to present the Natives in varying manners. Rowlandson describes them as bloodthirsty heathens, while Franklin presents an opinion suggesting they are simply a people of different customs. Bradford simply describes their actions from a historical point of view. Despite leading similar lives, each author provides a unique viewpoint on the Native Americans that culminate in a complete picture, allowing people an honest glimpse of what colonial and Native life was truly like in the early days of this nation. Mary Rowlandson’s experience with the Native Americans is…

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