Essay The Accuracy Of The Predictions Of Offender Profiles

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The aim of the study was to determine the accuracy of the predictions of offender profiles, which allows law enforcement and investigators to theoretically prioritize certain subjects. Profiling is used to find a particular subject which committed the particular crime. The profile must be accurate meaning the construct of the profile must allow for a certain individual to be identified. The construct has been criticized as being too general with its statements and the profile being overall to ambiguous, allowing for many possible suspects to fit the profile descriptions. The current study purposed that, like the participates in the early Barnum studies, individuals can allow certain subjects or situations to fit the apparent statement, as it is ambiguous. In the Barnum studies, the individuals were given a personality sketch which they believed was based on their personality inventory and many believed the sketch was accurate. The personal sketches given to each individual was the same yet independently believed it pertained to them personally, similar to the police profiling where the profile can be matched to many different suspects. The police can reinterpret subject to make the possible suspects fit the profile just like the personality tests and the individual personalities. Participates in the study were recruited from the police agency. The participates were separated into two random groups: bogus and genuine. The two groups were then asked to rate the same…

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