Thank You For Smoking : Analysis Essay example

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Thank You For Smoking: Analysis Essay
Thank You For Smoking, directed by Jason Reitman, is a society-perplexing story for the ever-apparent reason that different aspects of society will view lobbyist and main character Nick Naylor from various moral perspectives. Working and advocating for big tobacco will likely land you in hot water with at least half of the population. As aching it probably is being in such a situation, it sings gold to those looking to delve deeper into a controversial matter and gives the opportunity to comprehend the motives of people that many of us regularly wouldn’t. At the end of the day we are just looking to put bread on the table and such tradition has been a staple of life since well, forever. Fulfilling the needs of your family by brining home a paycheck is a universal role and as competitive the world is we can not deem people morally corrupt for reaching for the best possible future for themselves and their family. In other words, the lengths one goes to thrive for themselves and their family in a competitive world ruled by capitalism should not reflect the moral code of an individual living in a world of "every man for themselves",
At some point in every person 's life they must leave the place they call home and abruptly apply the skills they developed over life and find work that will pay enough money to live to see another paycheck. As dark as it sounds that is the reality of capitalism. Some may perceive Nick Naylor to be a…

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