Textual Reading/ Literary Analysis on "Dracula" Essay

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Kevin Vang

Textual Reading/ Literary Analysis

Audience: classmates who argues that “Dracula” is not a Gothic genre
Purpose: to show them that “Dracula” is a perfectly good example of Gothic genre “Dracula” a novel by Bram Stoker, deals with vampire folklore, Christian beliefs, and mostly gothic elements. Gothic elements are tremendous in this novel as it is seen a lot throughout the novel. The components of classic gothic elements as seen in “Dracula” includes the setting of the novel, the tone, a villainous character, and the fact that there is a hero that is struggling against an inescapable fate. Bram Stoker uses gothic elements such as isolated settings, gloom and doom, and secret passages in Dracula in which portray it
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Also with the “branches of the trees [crashing] together as [they] swept along” can be referred to a fire coming in on close to them and closing Jonathan up not letting him be able to escape his fate. Furthermore, we see that “it grew colder and colder still, and fine, powdery snow [started] to fall, that soon [their surroundings] were covered with a white blanket” signifies that Jonathan was getting closer to the devil himself and even if he wanted to escape, he can’t because there was no more of the trail that led him there as it was covered up by the snow. He was lost forever. Thus, gloom and doom creates atmosphere of fear and suspense because it intensifies the novel’s roots and make Gothicism alive and real. In addition to how doom and gloom creates fear and suspense, secret passages represent mystery and hidden secrets. While on his stay at the Count’s castle, Jonathan began to feel unsafe and as he had stated, “I fear I am myself the only living soul within the place (pg.30)” upon stepping foot in the castle. The castle itself is a representation of secrets as it is not only satisfying the setting gothic element. With Jonathan saying that he is “…the only living soul within the place…” it significantly means that through some way impossible, he figuratively had wiggled

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