Terrorism And Its Effects On The Pursuit Of Political Aims Essay

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Terrorism is defined as “The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims” (Oxford). Violence and intimidation are tactics used by certain individuals and groups to inflict harm, incite fear, and gain power to obtain their goal. However, the Oxford definition is an extremely narrow definition of terrorism, in my opinion there are many other facets of terrorism that were not mentioned in the definition. Terrorism is hard to define, although, broadly stated I would define terrorism as an act of violence by an individual or group in order to exert their ideals. Terrorist acts are executed for quite a few reasons, it can be because an individual or group’s religion dictates that they must live, or act a certain way; which can go as far as fueling Holy Wars. Another type is of course the most dominant, political terrorism, which can be broken down into smaller reasons like nationalism or power and gain. All of the reasons for terrorism, and ways it is done, have to do with beliefs or ideals on what is right and what is wrong.
In defining terrorism, one must look past the stereotypical narrow view that is often associated with the word terrorism. Each individual and each nation has their own definition and view of what being a terrorist means because of certain ideals; ranging between cultural or religious and political, that have been molded into them. For instance, when conjuring up the idea of what a terrorist looks like, most Americans and probably a lot…

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