Television Is Essential For Life Essay

1055 Words Apr 16th, 2015 null Page
For many Americans TV is essential for life. Like water it is something that is needed to go throughout the day. But, what is the effect that this is having on one’s mind, body, and family? Is the joy of the television for those 5 hours’ worth it? TV has many effects that do not benefit American culture; this includes bad health, not being productive, the thought processes one has.
Watching TV is bad for one’s health. So many Americans have been turned into couch potatoes. Figure one is what so many Americans turn into every evening, all day on the weekends. Who can blame them? TV is something that draws one in whether one likes it or not. Even if people try not to watch TV; when it is on in the room, even if it is just audible, then it is really hard not to watch. All of this really does not pertain to bad health, at least not physically. So Americans like to sit down at the end of the day, so what? Sitting down is not the only thing that America likes to do while that TV is lite up. America like to eat. When people watch TV whether it is at the movies or at home food is almost always present. According to the CBS news network (2010) “33 percent of viewers say the TV is always on during their dinner, with 27 percent saying it 's on half the time, or sometimes.” This is nearly 60 percent who have dinner in front of the television set on regularly. When one is doing any other activity such as reading, being outside, or playing a board game; food is less…

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