Technology and Social Isolationism Essay example

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Technology and Social Isolationism

Technology and Social Isolation Imagine being left in a new environment with strangers. You do not know anyone and to make new friends with strangers isn’t the easiest option since they seem to be a little incoherent or set in their ways. Perhaps your ability to make new friends is not very refined due to lack of practice or maybe the strangers just don’t want new friends. Believe it or not this happens more often than you would think. Isolation from friends and family is not something that is good for your health. One of the most common places for this sort of occurrence tends to be but not limited to convalescent homes. When a person is isolated in that way it has a horrible effect on the
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The Problem Known as Social Isolationism First, social isolationism is not caused by the advancement in technology; quite the opposite actually, because of the advancement in technology social isolationism has become less of an issue than it used to be. It contributes to the continuous communication with family and friends that are far away and it also can cause longer life spans in adults. According to statistics it showed that people who were unmarried and infrequently participated in social activities had a higher mortality rate at an earlier age than those who had friends and did such activities. (Social Isolationism, 2013) This shows that keeping in touch with friends and family can play a vital role in being and staying happy and healthy, as people get older. Another eye opening case of just how much social isolationism can hurt people in the same article as mentioned before it shows a the predicator relationship between being socially isolated and smoking and it was about the same. (Social Isolationism 2013) What this means is that the mortality rate of smoking cause people to live less than those who are non-smokers, and in relevance to being socially isolated it showed the mortality rate about the same. Also, if looked into when elder people are taken to convalescent homes

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